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The subject of Marketing is a very critical one for every business. Remember that it is never enough to provide value. More so, it doesn’t matter how much value you create if no one knows (or cares) about what you have to offer. The point needs to be emphasized that, no business can thrive without marketing. It is always the case that those who don’t know of a service /product or a business existence will not be able to buy what the firm have to offer, and people who aren’t interested won’t become paying customers.

In this episode, I will be establishing how successful firm finds a means to draw the ideal attention of the public and pique their interest in the product or service being offered. No meaningful sales can be realised without prospects, and firms will perish if there aint profitable transactions.

Difference between Marketing and Sales.

Marketing is the practice and discipline of identifying people who are enthusiastic about what you are doing and have to offer-these are called prospects. The world’s most successful companies figure out how to acquire qualified prospects rapidly and cheaply. Your business will be better off if you can attract more prospects. Understand that selling and marketing are not synonymous. While many direct marketing tactics aim to reduce the time between getting noticed and requesting for sale, promoting as known as marketing and selling are two completely different things. The goal of marketing is to get attention; the goal of sales is to sell the product.

The need for attention

There is always the need for attention in the marketing effort. The demands on your attention in today’s world are excessive. Consider how many activities and items are vying for your attention right now: business, individuals to call, mail to read, Entertainment to watch and to listen to, and a plethora of Online websites to browse. There is always not enough time to finish them all. The first marketing rule is that your potential customer’s attention span is short. Trying to keep up with almost everyone and everything happening around you would demand so much more concentration than you currently have. To cope, one has to filter by restricting their focus and giving more attention to the things that matter and less to the things that don’t. This event and scenario is somehow applicable to everyone else, including prospective customers. There is therefore the need to devise a way to get past someone’s filters in order to grab their attention.

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More to come…..

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